Garmin etrex Legend Problems – and solution

I have a Garmin etrex Legend. It works well, even though it’s not the fastest GPS. Maps update are really slow, taking up to 5 seconds to show the map. The positive side of this GPS was the price. I bought it for 130$Can last year, which was quite a deal.

Lately, I’ve got a joystick problem with this device, so I opened it up. I clean the stick with compressed air and it seems to work properly since then.

Unfortuantly, I think I broke a push button on the side when I tried to close the unit. The « Find » button does not work. I just opened the unit once again and saw that the head of the switch is missing.

After a few hours of research, here’s the part number for both the joystick and the 5 buttons of the unit:

Manufacturer: Panasonic
Model: EVQ-PSM02K or EVQ-PSR02K (difference between both is operating force)

Manufacturer: ITT Industries
Model: TPA513GLFG

Both should be available at or

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