First try at 1-wire with

Today, I tried for the first time to make a program that would interface with 1-wire. I run the example program « StartNetAdapterHost » on the tini and want to use the NetAdapter class in the program itself. It worked pretty well but I faced the same difficulties than the last time I tried Java: Lack of examples in documentation.

I’ve grown to use msdn every other line of code I type. In msdn, there’s at least a code snippet for each entry. On the contrary, the usual java documentation lack this feature. You’re down with an enumeration on methods and fields and syntax for each. How, but how do I put all this together?

I still have to find a real answer to this. There aren’t a lot of java discussion forums where I could post or search. The few places I lookedare simply too advanced for me. The examples in the owapi, for example, work very well, but I just can’t understand them 😉

Anyway, I’ve been able to switch an output on a DS2408 on and off. The 1-wire network is plugged to tini and then over ethernet to the computer. Oh! I already see the posibilities!

We’re having a « Saturday of coding » and I’m going to introduce two friends to and 1-wire programming. It’s going to be fun. I’ll probably look into xAP and how I’ll implement it (configuration file, how much to be done in tini, etc) I’ll keep you informed

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