Roomba is cleaning!

I just bought a Roomba Discovery. I wanted to try this as I don’t vaccum often. Wow, I’m impressed!

I now start « roomby » every day or so and she gets about 1/2″ of dust in it’s bin each time. Maybe the two cats are related to the quantity, but at least someone is picking up that dust, instead of it rolling in « dust bunnies » in corners.

Roomby is quite autonomous. The only time she got stuck was when the carpet in front of the patio door began to tear itself and got stuck around the brushes. There are a few points to pay attention to help the robot:

  • No more small carpets, at least, they must have a tendency to stick to the floor: bathroom’s aren’t « approved » for roomby.
  • Electrical and telephone cords must not lay on the floor. They are prone to get stuck into the brushes

Other than those few points, roomby has no difficulty cleaning the whole house.

Next step will be to try her on the basement floor (short carpet). The battery will probably depleate more rapidly, but roomby is supposed to be alright. I’ll keep you informed!

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