Sending files to TINI via ftp

Sending files to the TINI via slush and a ftp client is pretty staight forward.
As client, I recently discovered Filezilla. It’s very user friendly.

To connect to TINI with it, first click on the first icon in the toolbar. It’ll bring the « Site Manager ». Click on « New Site » button and type a description such as TINI). The enter the Tini’s ip address into the host textbox. Select Normal as logon type and enter login/password (default are root/tini). Press « Save and Exit »

From now on, you can ftp to Tini by pressing the down arrow next to the icon you just clicked in the toopbar. Select TIni from the list and it will connect and you should see the filesystem from slush in the right pane. From there, you can drag and drop from any Windows explorer to the Tini and from the Tini to any directory on your computer.

I suggest you to create a bin directory into TINI. You can do so with the mkdir command in slush, or directly with Filezilla by right clicking in the right pane and selecting « Create Directory ». I place all my programs in that directory.

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