Initialization of a TINI 400

These are the steps required to initialize a brand new TINI or when upgrading the firmware.
You’ll need:

MTK: Microcontroller Tool Kit (available from Dallas ftp site)

The latest TINI firmware (available from Dallas ftp site)

A null modem serial cable Null modem adapter schematics

Install MTK

Unzip the firmware zip to C:tini, or something you prefer

Plug the serial cable on COM1 of the computer and to the Loader serial port of the tini (J12 on the socket board)

Open MTK and select TINI from the proposed device list.

Select TINI/Open COM1 at 115200 baud (screen should turn white)

Select TINI/Reset (you should get message from TINI from it’s Auto Boot Loader and then a « > » prompt)

Select File/Load TBin and select the file tini_400.tbin from the bin directory from where you unzipped the firmware (typically c:tinitinix.xxbin)
Wait for the process of uploading to end (just after 46, as of 1.16) and to get a « > » prompt again

Felect File/Load TBin again, but this time, select slush_400.tbin from the same directory
Wait again. this time, it should take much less time. Wait for the « > » prompt to reappear.

Type  » BANK 0  » (without the quotes)

Type  » FILL 0  »

Type  » EXIT  »

You should get a boot log from Slush, then be prompted to press any key to login.

Do so with the following: login: root password: tini

You should get a « TINI /> » prompt now

Firmware is now installed and slush is running! Congratulation!

Une réflexion sur « Initialization of a TINI 400 »

  1. hi,
    happy to see u worked on tini
    i have got some problem with tini
    > prompt is not comming
    it is stuck on
    « Testside version 4.1 application running »
    can u pls help how to go ahead

    vishwas joshi

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