SVN plugin for Eclipse

Now that I code my websites with Eclipse, and that I recently moved to svn to keep version control, it seemed logical tu use the subclipse plugin.
I got no problem installing the plugin, all went fine with the Help/Software Updates/Find and Install… method.

Where I got a few problems is with the Workspace/Project management.

I tend to save the workspace on a remote computer with RAID disks for security. But when I try to Checkout the files from the repository, the default location is over there, with the workplace. What I found is that the workplace of Eclipse is ment to be the place where you want the files to appear. This means that the workplace for my website developpement is now the htdocs folder of apache.

Now, when I checkout a folder from the repository, it is automatically created in the htdocs folder and the project is created as well. No messing around, no question to answer. The default values are ok.