Convert popular cd images files to iso

.bin .cue

binchunker converts a CD image in a « .bin / .cue » format (sometimes « .raw / .cue ») to a set of .iso and .cdr tracks. The bin/cue format is used by some popular non-Unix cd-writing software, but is not supported on most other CD burning programs.

bchunk <image.bin> <image.cue> <basename>


cdi2iso – convert a DiscJuggler image file into standard ISO image file

cdi2iso <image.cdi> <basename>

.mdf .mds

Though when you create a “MDF” file, “Alcohol 120%” also creates another file with the same name but with the extension “.mds” (small file, few Kilobytes in size) which holds some additional data about the original “MDF” file (“metadata” actually).

So you’d need both of those files for the conversion to go smoothly (no data corruption etc) thus make sure both MDF/MDS pair (for each disc image) is located on the same location.

mdf2iso <image.mdf>

Creating ISO from CD

Creating an ISO file from the terminal is as simple as running the below command:

sudo dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/username/image.iso

Replace “/dev/cdrom” with the path to your CD drive—for example, it may be “/dev/dvd” instead—and “/home/username/cd.iso” with the path to the ISO file you want to create.

You can mount the resulting disc images with the “mount” command in a terminal or with graphical tools that basically just provide a prettier interface over the mount command.